Beach Team Gymnastics at Terry and Don's

Myrtle Beach, SC


Gymnastics is a sport that all kids, both girls and boys want to do! At Terry and Don’s we give children the opportunity to explore their abilities under qualified, safe directions in a state of the art facility with the latest in gymnastics equipment. We believe that gymnastics is fun and kids of all ages and abilities will learn to succeed. It is through achieving success while having fun at the same time, that children become excited rather than intimidated, by physical activity. We believe that we are creating a generation of participants rather than observers. Did you know that gymnastics is also the best sport for developing the physical abilities necessary in every other sport. Strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and kinesthetic awareness are a few of the areas that are enhanced by gymnastics participation. The lessons learned and the skills mastered through gymnastics apply not only to all other sports, and the performing arts, as well as the life long pursuit of pure excellence. So whether your child is a future gymnastics star, or just wants a strong base for other athletic endeavors, Terry and Don’s is the place to start. Walking the straight and narrow can lead to a wide and open future. Gymnastics provides young children with the skills they need to build a successful future, the courage to explore unique talents, the confidence to set lofty goals and the creativity to reach those goals. Above all, gymnastics develops the discipline to archive and the ability to concentrate on where they are going. If you would like your children to learn to walk straight and narrow, give them the goal of placing one foot in front of the other, the gift of learning, the challenge of … gymnastics. Fun & Fitness Center designed to help children: * Learn discipline and structure * Feel good about themselves * Learn to follow directions * Improve listening skills * Build the habit of exercise * Improve strength and flexibility when trying new skills Learn a sense of fun and adventure

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Beach Team Gymnastics at Terry and Don's
280 Hidden Woods Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC