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Building & Grounds Supervisor

Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church
North Myrtle Beach, SC Full time
Posted on April 16, 2018

Building and Grounds Supervisor

To serve Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church by maintaining clean, attractive and safe buildings and grounds, and by preparing the physical environment for a variety of activities.


The full-time Building and Grounds Supervisor bears the responsibility for the day to day maintenance and repair of the physical campus of Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church, and preparing church facilities for use as needed. The property is to be maintained, repaired and prepared for use by the Building and Grounds Supervisor and his/her direct reports. The Building and Grounds Supervisor will be a member of the Property Team, which is responsible to the Session of Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church for operation of church facilities. Suitable and approved professional trades persons may be secured to assist in more technical, license required tasks or tasks that exceed the capabilities of the Building and Grounds Supervisor and direct reports.


Primary report is to the Church Administrator, the Senior Pastor if the Church Administrator is absent, or to their designee.


In general, the Building and Grounds Supervisor and his/her team is charged with the responsibility of maintaining clean, attractive, safe and comfortable facilities at all times. This includes all duties included on the attached list of ODPC Custodial Duties. Major duties are as follows:

Prepare areas of the building for both regularly scheduled and special activities that may occur, and cleaning up and restoring these areas after each activity has been completed, or setting up for the next scheduled activity. (Weddings are not considered part of normal duties and will be compensated separately.)

Maintain schedules for cleaning and maintenance. These schedules will cover both routine cleaning and maintenance as well as that necessitated by special events and activities. Duties include but are not limited to vacuuming and cleaning of all areas based on usage, maintenance of HVAC systems and other repetitive tasks as are necessary for appropriate maintenance of the property. These schedules will be kept and updated on a computer provided for the Building and Grounds Supervisor’s use. These schedules should be communicated to the Building and Grounds Supervisor’s direct reports, available at all times to the Church Administrator or designee, and to the Chairperson(s) of the Property Team.

Prepare and maintain a schedule of work assignments for all Building and Grounds personnel. These schedules should be available in writing and as files in the Building and Grounds Supervisor’s computer.

Schedule and provide supervision of the work of members of the Building and Grounds staff as well as contractors hired to perform tasks on church property.

Report to the Church Administrator (or designee) and to the Chairperson(s) of the Property Team anything on church property which could be threatening to the health and safety of persons or which could be damaging to the buildings. Recommendations should be made for permanent solutions to recurring problems. Also recommend the removal of any hazardous limbs or trees to the Chairperson(s) of the Property Team.

Perform minor repairs to the building and replace minor parts (e.g. mechanical, plumbing and electrical) when possible and contract with outside professionals as needed and authorized to do so by the Chairperson(s) of the Property Team or the Church Administrator (or designee).

Monitor all facilities and maintenance equipment to insure proper functioning and schedule repairs as needed. Oversee and manage the repair and maintenance of church equipment excluding audio-visual and musical equipment to ensure that it is conducted appropriately and as needed.

Ensure that during the work day, lights are turned off when not needed and doors are closed and secured when access is not needed.

Clear and clean parking lots, sidewalks, and grounds to keep them safe and attractive to the public. Make certain that icy sidewalks are salted or sanded appropriately for safety sake when needed.

Install and maintain outdoor signs and banners as requested by the Church Administrator (or designee) or Chairperson(s) of the Property Team. Supervise painting of curbs and arrows on pavement and maintain safety markers. Inspect and maintain directional signage for readability and proper placement. Supervise and manage the repainting or replacement of signs and plaques when needed.

Monitor contract work performed on building and grounds, e.g. landscape, elevator, HVAC, roofing and security system contractors, and report any problems to the Church Administrator (or designee) and Chairperson(s) of the Property Team.

Interact with city, county, state and other government officials, i.e. Fire Marshal, elevator, and fire systems inspectors, etc., to insure compliance with local, state and federal requirements.

Work closely with the Property Team to keep it informed of situations which need to be addressed that are within the purview of that Team and perform additional tasks or assist in other projects as directed by the Chairperson(s) of that Team or by the Church Administrator (or designee).

While many of these tasks can be delegated to appropriate committees or sub-committees, it is the ultimate responsibility of the Building and Grounds Supervisor to ensure that all tasks are done correctly. This means that responsibility falls to the Building and Grounds Supervisor for work actually delegated to others for the sake of quality control.

The Building and Grounds Supervisor is expected to have competence in operating computers, email, spreadsheets, word processors and other office related applications. The Building and Grounds Supervisor must also have practical, hands-on working knowledge of electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing and other systems in use at Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church, and procedures for their maintenance and repair.

The Building and Grounds Supervisor is responsible, in coordination with the Property Team for preparing facilities related budgets, and managing expenditures within approved budgetary constraints.

Performance reviews and a formal evaluation of the Building and Grounds Supervisor will be conducted annually by the Church Administrator, Pastor if Administrator is absent or designee for compensation purposes. An initial non-compensatory review shall be conducted on or about the Building and Grounds Supervisor’s three month anniversary of first employment.

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